Zimiri – High Poly Mesh

Time for a little Zbrush action!  This is the best part of the work flow because you get to add all kinds of detail you can’t achieve with geometry alone.  I have the most fun at this stage because this  is where I get to flex my digital sculpting skills and really start to bring this guy to life.  I imported each piece individually so I could cram as many polygons as possible into each piece.  This allowed me to get an extra fine detail that would carry over to the low poly mesh.  The key thing to remember from here on is the more time you put in here the easier you can create your diffuse texture later.

The face is a very delicate part to sculpt, especially for a person of age.  I tried my best with being under the gun to create as many fine details with the wrinkles of the face and neck.  I would do more with the hair if I had more time however I needed to press on.  For the intent of the game this works fine.  This part alone has roughly 3.1 million polygons.

The torso was fun part to sculpt because I was looking forward to my cybernetic spine I had in my mind. I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out.  Hopefully the low poly mesh does it justice.  I wish I could have added more detail to the cloth material but again I had to press on.  This piece was roughly 8 million polys.

This was the easiest piece to sculpt because the subdivisions did most of the work for me.  A few swipes with my brush and we’re off and running.  This was roughly 2 million polys.

This was another piece I was looking forward to because of the cybernetic leg.  This was rather challenging for me because my original design wasn’t translating well into the sculpt.  I had to make some minor adjustments to accommodate the complications of the mesh.  This was 5 million polys.

I got to finish up with the feet and finalize my cybernetic leg.  At this point I was just about out of time and really had to start generating my texture maps to start texturing otherwise I was going to fall behind.  This was also 3 million polys.

I didn’t get to spend quite as much time at this phase as I would have liked because the development team is on a really tight schedule and I need to do my best to stay on track.  Now the next step I take is to import these models individually into Topogun and retopologize  my low poly mesh to fit the ones I just created.  When I sculpted this I subdivided the mesh several times which (if you choose to) has a smoothing effect that subtlely decreases the over all mass of an object with each iteration.  So this next step is critical in ensuring that my low poly mesh lines up where I want it to on the high poly mesh.  Otherwise all my fine detail would be misaligned and really degrade the model instead of enhancing it.  With any luck I’ll get some really crisp and clean normal and occlusion maps to texture my model with.  Stay tuned for an update with a textured model!

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