Zimiri – Texturing

Time to fire up the oven to bake some textures!  With everything unwrapped in 3DS Max we can now reimport the meshes and bake a normal map and occlusion map for texturing.  I had to import each piece individually bake my maps, then take them into photoshop and create one master file which ended up looking like this.  I kept the map for the head separate in order to capture more of the fine details of the wrinkling of the skin.

Then with my occlusion map I could then begin creating my diffuse texture using it as a template for the details I’ve sculpted in.  I didn’t have quite as much time here as I would have liked but we did have to keep the schedule buzzing along.  After a few nights of tweaking with colors and intensities this was the result.

So now with my texturing done there’s only one thing left to do!  Slap it on the model!  Stay tuned for screens of the finished product!

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