Zimiri – Rebake Attempt

You may recall I had a bit of trouble with seams on Zimiri because he was segmented into multiple pieces.  Well I discovered that I can use a plugin in Zbrush to lower the poly counts of my high resolution meshes so that I can import than into 3D studio max.  From what I gather from all the sources I’ve managed to find that you will get the best results if you bake your textures in the program that will be displaying them.  Each application has its own algorithm for calculating normals so if you create a map in one program it may not necessarily display correctly in another.  So with this new knowledge I imported my newly reduced high res meshes into 3DS Max and the result was quite nice.  Its great to see Zimiri’s high rez meshes come together however you’ll notice one glaring problem…

As you can see its quite apparent why I’m having such a hard time getting my seam to go away at the knee.  The two high poly meshes don’t line up at all, not even close.  The reason they’re so completely misaligned is because of the smoothing that Zbrush performs when subdividing.  If I had creased the edges at the top this wouldn’t be a problem.  At this point the only way I know how to fix it is to try to alter the high poly meshes to line up with each other.  That would be very difficult because I’d have to work on them one at a time.  Ultimately it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to fix this unfortunately.

If I’m going to break up a mesh like this I need to either hide that seam with another mesh, crease the edges of the mesh in Zbrush, or simple make them one mesh to edit in Zbrush.  Lesson learned.

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