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M1-Abrams Texturing

I’m finally getting a chance to get this tank textured.  I’ve been running into so many things that I’ve never had to deal with before so its really slowed down my production time as I only have evenings to work on it.  I will say that because of every new obstacle I’ve learned so much! […]

Models! Oh my!

I was finally able to rope my brother into helping me get my website compatible with all the browsers!  So I can finally publish the updated Models page!  I’m so happy with the way it turned out even though its not 100% finished its close enough to publish.  With a few more tweaks for polish it should […]

The Beginning

Welcome one and all to my blog/portfolio website!  This has been long overdue as I have a lot of side projects for school and personal projects I’d like to showcase.  Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep tabs on my progress.  I’ll update as regularly as I can as I plan to […]

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