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Additions to my portfolio.

Cyan Update!

Here is an updated shot of Cyan, I’ve been running into roadblocks along the way that I’ve had to deal with but he’s finally baked with light/normal maps. I’ve gotta take  break because I’ve gotten an interesting offer to help out on a tank for a XNA tutorial!  Cyan will be finished though for sure! […]

Back in the saddle

Man its been crazy these past few months. A lot has happened since I last posted. I graduated form college, got a new job(unfortunately not in 3D art!), and a pretty painful loss in the family. Now that those have passed and life is finally returning to a somewhat normal state, I can finally get […]

New Layout

Man its been awhile since my last post So it was time to reorganize this site to better serve as a portfolio.  I think I’ve achieved that thanks to my professor and with the help of my older brother.  I tried my best to dumb it down and simplify it and I think I’ve done […]

Cyber Assassin walkthrough video

Our team leader got around to putting this video together for us to put in our portfolios.  This is a real quick walkthrough of what we were able to accomplish in 12 weeks. Although he dies at the end that is the end of the level, and a simple screen would come up saying “Mission […]

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