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Zimiri – Rebake Attempt

You may recall I had a bit of trouble with seams on Zimiri because he was segmented into multiple pieces.  Well I discovered that I can use a plugin in Zbrush to lower the poly counts of my high resolution meshes so that I can import than into 3D studio max.  From what I gather […]

Zimiri comes to life!

After i passed in my finished textured mesh to my art lead he started skinning him to the default skeleton in UDK.  Unfortunately Zimiri’s shoulders weren’t exactly a perfect match with the skeleton so he had to adjust it so it would fit and bend properly.  All and all he turned out very well.  I […]

Zimiri – Finished Product

This is where you finally get to see the fruits of your labor.  With applying the texture materials to the mesh it transforms the low poly mesh from a solid gray to this… Low and behold the finished product!  Well I can’t really say he’s done yet because the next challenge comes with the rigging.  […]

Zimiri – Texturing

Time to fire up the oven to bake some textures!  With everything unwrapped in 3DS Max we can now reimport the meshes and bake a normal map and occlusion map for texturing.  I had to import each piece individually bake my maps, then take them into photoshop and create one master file which ended up […]

Zimiri – Retopologize

Now with my newly created high poly meshes from Zbrush I need to resync my low poly geometry up to it.  So I’m going to import both meshes into Topogun and manually fit my low poly mesh over my high poly mesh. So I imported all of the pieces of Zimiri separately and saved out […]

Zimiri – High Poly Mesh

Time for a little Zbrush action!  This is the best part of the work flow because you get to add all kinds of detail you can’t achieve with geometry alone.  I have the most fun at this stage because this  is where I get to flex my digital sculpting skills and really start to bring […]

Zimiri – Low Poly Mesh

After finishing his concept I had to move on to creating his low poly mesh to get a basic feel for how to distribute the polygons.  I was limited to 6500 triangles which is 3250 polygons and Zimiri weighs in at around 5800 triangles, well below the limit.  My art lead gave us a starting […]

Zimiri – Concept

I’m winding down my last year at AiO with a great set of classes.  One of which being Game Production Team, which means the class turns into a little development studio.  We’re all assigned roles to complete and we’re working together to construct a playable level in Unreal Development Kit(UDK).  So I was assigned to […]

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