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M1-Abrams Sculpt

It took me awhile to get any headway on this since these past few months have been jammed packed with family stuff.  My oldest brother got his Masters!  Woo Hoo!  Now that things are starting to settle down again I got a chance to work on this again.  I finally wrapped up sculpting this tank […]


I got a neat offer from an old co-worker to model him a tank for a old school style “Scorched Earth” game he’s making.  He’s creating an XNA tutorial book on how to make this game.  The trouble is he needs it sooner rather than later and gave me almost no lead time.  I decided […]

Chrono – Concept

I started mapping out a project for a little short animation awhile ago to help develop my skills as an animator and to experiment with different methods of modeling.  I decided to do things right by starting with concept art.  You may recognize him, this guy is a total stud.  Chrono Trigger, the game of […]

Xenia – Concept

A group of my classmates decided to join in some healthy competition.  We decided that we will design characters and then as a group decide who’s was the best.  We’ve been helping each other on and off over our winter breaks.  So I decided to try female villain character.  And this is what I came […]

Zimiri – Rebake Attempt

You may recall I had a bit of trouble with seams on Zimiri because he was segmented into multiple pieces.  Well I discovered that I can use a plugin in Zbrush to lower the poly counts of my high resolution meshes so that I can import than into 3D studio max.  From what I gather […]

Handgun – Finished

So I was able to get this thing into Topogun and bake my textures required for painting.  I had some minor distortion from miss placing some smoothing groups but all and all they both came out well.  I only had to do minor touch ups in photoshop prior to painting my diffuse map.  We have […]

Zimiri comes to life!

After i passed in my finished textured mesh to my art lead he started skinning him to the default skeleton in UDK.  Unfortunately Zimiri’s shoulders weren’t exactly a perfect match with the skeleton so he had to adjust it so it would fit and bend properly.  All and all he turned out very well.  I […]

Handgun – Zbrush

Talk about a pain in the butt.  When I first attempted this I was trying to smooth all the hard surfaces manually.  This was the only method I could think of because if you subdivide with smoothing on it will completely round out your model.  Alternatively if you turn smoothing off of your subdivide you’re […]

Handgun – Base Mesh

This was pretty tough to maintain the silhouette of my concept while keeping the poly count low enough to be usable in the game.  It came in at 582 polys as the finished product,  I think I may want to add a few more to my scope to give the eye piece some curvature.  Other […]

Handgun – Concept

With Zimiri complete and passed over to my art lead for rigging and adding to the game pack, my next task was to design a handgun.  Well I’d say this is more like a hand cannon than a handgun but what do I know.  After talking with the art lead about what he wanted it […]

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