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Zimiri – Low Poly Mesh

After finishing his concept I had to move on to creating his low poly mesh to get a basic feel for how to distribute the polygons.  I was limited to 6500 triangles which is 3250 polygons and Zimiri weighs in at around 5800 triangles, well below the limit.  My art lead gave us a starting […]

Zimiri – Concept

I’m winding down my last year at AiO with a great set of classes.  One of which being Game Production Team, which means the class turns into a little development studio.  We’re all assigned roles to complete and we’re working together to construct a playable level in Unreal Development Kit(UDK).  So I was assigned to […]

The Beginning

Welcome one and all to my blog/portfolio website!  This has been long overdue as I have a lot of side projects for school and personal projects I’d like to showcase.  Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep tabs on my progress.  I’ll update as regularly as I can as I plan to […]

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