Chrono – Concept

I started mapping out a project for a little short animation awhile ago to help develop my skills as an animator and to experiment with different methods of modeling.  I decided to do things right by starting with concept art.  You may recognize him, this guy is a total stud.  Chrono Trigger, the game of games for the SNES, easily one of the most successful titles for the system, and still has a pretty strong following.  Many moons ago there was a “rebirth” project to bring the game into 3D with the same story just better graphics.  Well that got canned with a nice little Cease & Desist from what was Sqaresoft(now Square-Enix) at the time.  I had stumbled upon the site randomly and it motivated me to use both Chrono and Magus for my animation.  The project is to build both of the models, rig, and then animate a convincing fight scene.  I’ll eventually have to create environments as well but I’m taking it one step at a time.  I drew this awhile ago now but I’m planning to pick this project back up as time allows.

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